Supervised Driving for Supervisory Drivers

Being a supervisory driver can be as stressful for the supervisor as learning to drive can be for the student. Safe Roads Driving School can help friends and family members become more competent and supportive parts of the learning process, equipping them with the skills to effectively impart their knowledge and experience.

After driving for many years, drivers can pick up bad habits or shortcuts that, while not detrimental to their own driving, can hinder learners studying for a formal test. The Vehicle on Road Test (VORT) requires a 90% score to pass and any bending of the rules or short cuts taught by an older, experienced supervisory driver can adversely affect the student’s results. Safe Roads Driving School can help potential supervisors to eliminate these from their driving, providing them with the most up-to-date information and road rules, giving them the tools to effectively supervise a learner.

We offer helpful advice and non-judgemental support to aid your supervision of learner drivers. It’s important for a student to have a confident, helpful and calming presence next to them in the car, enabling them to relax and feel comfortable behind the wheel. Safe Roads Driving School can teach supervisors techniques and skills to remain calm when faced with a difficult situation and counter the instinct to panic or make any problems worse.

Talk to Safe Roads Driving School about our services for supervisory drivers by calling David and his team on (08) 8367 7499. We can arrange refresher lessons to help you become a useful supervisor and aid your learner driver to pass their test successfully.