Preparation for the Vehicle on Road Test (VORT)

Safe Roads Driving School will provide learner drivers with the highest standard of Vehicle on Road Test (VORT) preparation. We will tailor lesson plans to focus on developing areas of weakness and honing skills to reach the required level of proficiency required to pass the VORT. The current minimum result required is a score of 90%, meaning students need to have well-rounded abilities behind the wheel and a comprehensive understanding of how the road rules work.

Our lessons will take students through the full range of testing areas. To pass the VORT, learner drivers are required to drive and maintain concentration for 45 minutes, demonstrating sufficient aptitude in five low-speed manoeuvres. These are a hill start, angle park, performing a U-turn, a three-point turn and a reverse parallel park. This will be followed by a general drive where other skills will be tested, including changing lanes, entering and leaving busy roads, negotiating roundabouts, traffic lights, stop and give way signs, interaction with other road users, and vehicle control.

Safe Roads Driving School will give learner drivers the skills to obtain the required 90% pass mark, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to be a capable and considerate road user. Contact us today on (08) 8367 7499 and talk to us about your VORT preparation. Whether you have already had lessons and supervised driving, or are getting behind the wheel for the first time, talk to Safe Roads Driving School about how we can help you get the pass mark.