Learning to Drive

Learning to drive can be a stress-full time and Safe Roads Driving School takes the utmost care to relax students, making them feel in control and comfortable behind the wheel. We take learner drivers on carefully planned routes, ensuring each lesson is beneficial to their overall goal of passing their test and gaining their driver’s licence.

We give our students the choice of either preparing for the Vehicle on Road Test (VORT) or by completing the Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A), and conduct the lessons accordingly. Both have differing requirements and advantages, and it is up to the learner driver which path they take.

Whether you wish to obtain an automatic licence, or equip yourself with the skills to drive a manual transmission, we can help. Safe Roads Driving Schools offer lessons in both types of car, each fitted with modern features and safety components to ensure comfortable and effective lessons every time.

Safe Roads Driving School also provides a supervised driving service, helping people who struggle to find someone to drive with them to complete the necessary hours. It can be tough on family and friends to help a learner driver complete the requirement, with people working long hours and having other commitments, so Safe Roads Driving School help by supervising learners in one of their dual controlled teaching vehicles.
Talk to Safe Roads Driving School and find out more about our learner driver services. Call us on (08) 8367 7499 for more information and to book your lessons.