Preparation for Medical and Aged Tests

Drivers who are required to undergo testing to retain their licence on medical or aged grounds can call Safe Roads Driving School for assistance in ensuring their skills are up to scratch. Our extensive experience ensures our customers are treated with respect and dignity, making the process stress-free and comfortable for everyone.

Safe Roads Driving School takes pride in helping older drivers keep their independence and remain on the roads safely. We will take you through the required competencies to ensure you have enough proficiency to pass, keeping your unrestricted licence and staying safe for all road users. We understand how important a person’s driver’s licence is as they get older and work hard to help our customers retain it through the highest standards of driver training and education.

For drivers required to take a test for medical reasons, we are available to provide training and support throughout a rehabilitation process, or once medically cleared. Our lessons will be conducted in a safe, comfortable environment, helping to return a sense of freedom to people who have endured health concerns. We enjoy helping people take this important step in their recovery and are proud of our work with different demographics.
Talk to the friendly team at Safe Roads Driving School and find out more about how we can help. We are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of driver training and assessment, helping people enjoy driving after health problems and long into old age. Call us today on (08) 8367 7499 for further information and to book your lessons.