Our Services

Safe Roads Driving School offers a full range of driving school services. Whether you are getting behind the wheel for the first time, require a medical or aged driving test, converting your international licence, or more, we can help. Contact us today and talk to the experts about your learner driver requirements. Call (08) 8367 7499 to speak with one of our friendly staff and book your driving lessons.

Learning to Drive
We teach new drivers all the skills they need to be safe, confident road users. Whether studying for the Vehicle on Road Test (VORT) or using Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A), Safe Roads Driving School will help learners to reach their driving goals.

Preparation for VORT
If you have chosen to sit the Vehicle on Road Test, Safe Roads Driving School teach you all the skills you will need to pass and get your licence. We will take you through the VORT competencies, giving you the best possible preparation to pass first time.

Supervised Driving for Supervisory Drivers
For supervisory drivers, the prospect of driving lessons can be as daunting for them as the learner. We will equip supervisors with the skills and information required to be an effective supervisory driver, help correct any bad habits years of driving may have ingrained, and ensure their knowledge of the road rules is up-to-date.

Overseas or International Conversions
As an overseas licensed driver, you may be required to complete a test to ensure the road rules of South Australia are understood. Once this test is completed, applicants will be required to pass a practical road test. Safe Roads Driving School can help overseas drivers adapt their skills and be fully prepared for driving on Australian roads.

Preparations for Medical and Aged Tests
Safe Roads Driving Schools offers lessons for people with medical conditions or who are required to undertake an age-based driving test. We treat everyone with respect and dignity, providing a supportive environment for instruction.