Looking for a Driving School in Skye?

Would you like to book manual or automatic driving lessons in Skye? Learn to drive with experienced and friendly instructors with Safe Roads Driving School. With modern vehicles that have been fitted with a range of features, including dual brake controls and power steering, we make learning to drive a fun and comfortable experience. From the Vehicle on Road Test to Competency Based Training & Assessment, automatic transmission or manual, our driving school can cater to your needs and help you get out on the roads with your provisional licence.

Learning to drive is an important life skill and it is crucial to choose an instructor will help you develop safe driving habits. Whether it is your first time behind the wheel or simply touching up on a few skills before you take the Vehicle on Road Test, we can help you become confident and safe behind the wheel and get your licence with ease. To ensure you are confident in all aspects of handling a vehicle, we take the time to assess your current abilities and tailor our automatic or manual driving lessons accordingly.

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To make a booking with one of our experienced and friendly instructors, simply give us a call on 0404 855 834 and let us know if you would like to drive automatic or manual. Our driving school in Skye offers lessons that fit easily within your schedule, and ensure we get you to operate a vehicle at night, in varied weather conditions, on highways, city streets and more.